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This game follows a family of four with some unusual problems. The son and the eldest daughter have a rare genetic disorder where they age much slower than normal. Because of this, it's hard for them to find a job. In the game you will play through a week in the lives of the four family members as they go through big life changes brought on by being in debt.
In the first episode you play as Violet, a rebellious 19 year old who is sexually confused and is considering a new job at the local strip club.


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Well first I thought 1.3 GB damn this must be a great and long game but I got (almost) every ending in 1h. But why is it so big? Because of those Movie Clips. I Think if you delete them and just use some images this Game only needs 500MB. Maybe less. BUT you could play it on Linux. There is an .sh File and it works.

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hey thanks for the comment T-rex91. This is just episode one out of 20 and its incomplete. The videos do make it large and are probably unnecessary but no one else is doing it which is why I did. I am kinda sick of seeing static images on tvs on a gaming engine that allows for full motion videos. Aren't you? When all is said and done this episode will probably be at least 2 gigs. The videos take up about 250mb the rest being music, sound effects and higher quality pictures (of which there will be about a thousand) I didn't use sprites. It was meant to be short but with plenty of paths for replay-ability. The choices carry over to the next episode with at least 7 possible endings. There is a possibility for mac support as well if anyone is interested. btw Idk if you noticed but there are extra pics for people that like to look in the images folder ;)

I didn't realize I could do comments until right now...